About Kiona.Coffee

Kiona, her coffee, and her dragon.

I am a mother of dragons. Jk. I don’t watch Game of Thrones and only have one dragon, Godzilla (who is actually a dog).

I was born and raised in Carson, CA and lived my adult years in the Bay Area. For most of my life I’ve been an anxious ball of stress, worry, planning; always trying to do too much and always thinking ahead to the next item on the agenda, I’ve decided to take a break and let myself find freedom. I’ve quit my job in tech and am off to experience in-the-moment adventure!

My goal for this blog project is to document my journey, the emotions and trials that come with it.

Kiona drinking a Kona coffee-coffee stout at Kona Brewing Co.

Pack up! We’ll need coffee.*

*Let’s do Kiona Coffee, not Kona Coffee.

Things I enjoy:
dogs • volleyball • softball • yoga • artsing • hiking • traveling • exploring • beaching • eating • drinking • being merry