Here I am. Here I go. From Oakland.

I interviewed someone today. He said, “I was looking at your LinkedIn profile and noticed you’ve been with this company for 5 years.. compared to other folks in the region/startups, that is unheard of. What has kept you there for so long???”

Well, funny you should ask! (Excuse me while I get real extra now.)

I began my Rentlytics journey as Office Manager for a team of 6, tucked away in a tiny corner of a Mission District coworking space. Over the years, I moved us to bigger spaces, helped create the customer implementation/operations processes, led one team, eventually two, and managed many technical contractors/3rd parties to build out new integrations (plus or minus maaaybe a couple of other things).

After over 5 years of *disrupting* the real estate tech industry with Rentlytics, I have decided that is time to seek out my next adventure.

I leave Rentlytics after 5 years, 1 dog, 5ish (?) promotions (#startuplyfe), 4 offices, an acquisition (by RealPage, a notorious behemoth in the real estate world), and so many great connections/friendships.

This was a really, really tough decision for me to make because 1) I love my team, 2) staying with the majority of what I’ve come to know career-wise would be “safe”, and 3) Rentlytics’ Customer Ops is my baby; I’ve loved watching and ushering its growth. (I’m also a major control freak and the thought of anyone touching/messing up my work gives me anxiety.)

I’m not usually one to pat myself on the back, but who _am_ I now even. I came into this job quietly and with neither much self-confidence nor knowledge of the business world. I am happy to say that I am leaving emboldened (maybe even brazen, lol. gotta dial it back now) and loaded with confidence that I can get shit DONE and can get it done well. With my head stuck in the weeds, it never felt like it, but looking back on these past few years, I recognize that — even though I still probably don’t know exactly what the heck I’m doing — with the help and support of everyone, I’ve grown a ton and have been kickin’ ass and taking names. Sometimes I find myself not recognizing myself.

Even though I am pretty burnt out from the journey that I am about to bring to a close, I am pretty sad to be leaving and definitely did a lot of crying after I gave notice. (Lol. #breakups)

As for next steps.. it’s worth noting that—as I’m sure anyone who has had the misfortune of working with me can attest —I love processes, structure, and plans (..and OhMyGodzilla, help me, I love and need efficiency and speed). I am also very risk-averse ..which makes it all the more terrifying to acknowledge that I have no concrete plan here for next steps other than, for once, to not have a real plan. As of now, all I know is that I have an ending lease on an apartment that I love, a one-way flight to Bogotá, and a fast-diminishing list of physical possessions (I sold my bed unexpectedly fast this weekend, so I’m sleeping on the floor now).

Through this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing individuals who have supported me, challenged me, taught me, and put up with me when I was overworked and perpetually cranky. A sincere thank you to everyone I’ve worked with, especially my past-and-present managers, my teams, and everyone, really. I’ve learned so much from each of you and you’ve all made me into the employee/teammate/manager that I am today.

Anyway. It’s been a hell of a #rentlitty ride, y’all (you+all=y’all). Time for me to release the reins and move myself into discomfort/the unknown!

*drops mic*

(*picks mic back up* I’ll actually be working and in the Bay Area for another month.)

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